Reflective Themes

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Reflective Themes
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” CITATION Wil15 l 1033 (Shakespeare).
This theme is the most significant in the entire poem because it is the base on which the rest of the message in the poem is built. The poem is of great significant in life because it opens the eyes of human beings about one vita aspect of humans; life CITATION Ame151 l 1033 (American Literature ). The poem makes one realize the fact that human beings are only on earth for a season during which time they will have various chances to make their stay worthwhile. The main theme of the poem, thus is life and death, which is the entrance to the stage and the exit from the stage; in the poem CITATION Bar15 l 1033 (
One of the examples that relates this quote to the other readings is from ‘The Declaration of Sentiments’ in which Elizabeth Cady Stanton was vouching for the rights of women. Just a men have a role to play in the stage (life) before their time comes to an end, women also have a role to play CITATION USD48 l 1033 (U.S Department of State ). Thus, women also need a chance to decide what they want to do with their lives and achieve happiness during their time on earth. Just the same way man has seven ages as explained by Shakespeare in the poem, women also have the same as they are born, grow up take different roles in life and eventually die CITATION For15 l 1033 (Fordham University ).
In real life situation, children are born grow up, go to school, join college or choose what they want to do in life, grown into adults, some happy and responsible some not, some have families others do not CITATION Kat94 l 1033 (Chopin). In the end, they all die for one reason or the other and more children are born and the same cycle of life continues.
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