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Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Reflective Report
The paper is a reflective essay on the book Sociology: Pop Culture to Social Structure. The book is authored by Brym, J. and Lie, J. the authors effectively demonstrate how sociology concepts are applied and illustrated in the modern society. The modern population, especially the youths, engages in social relations and activities in a fun and hip (Brym & Lie, 2012). Majority of the youths; for example, have celebrity role models like musicians, movie stars, sports personalities and artists. I personally follow the advice provided by my celebrity role models, through the social networks. My role models include; musician Taylor Swift, sportsman Tiger Woods, religious and political leader Dalai Lama, and entrepreneur Richard Branson. The social media like Twitter and Facebook has enabled me to communicate and share ideas with these celebrities. The author also illustrates the diversity in the present American or international society. Globalization has improved international travel and communication. People, therefore, have relatives, friends and colleagues residing in different countries. The school community is much diversified because it has different categories of people from different social classes (Coser, 2014). All the major races globally are represented in my school. There are White, Africa, Asian, Latino and Caucasian Americans. Major world religions are also represented; for example, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Internet access in the modern society has increased global perspective. People can effectively monitor the activities that take place indifferent countries. I usually watch live performances by my favorite musicians through YouTube, even if the live concert was done in another country. The internet has also enabled me to watch sporting events as they occur; for example, I am a great fan of the English Premier League. The book is thus very important in understanding the modern society, through a sociology perspective.
Brym, J. & Lie, J. (2012). Sociology: Pop Culture to Social Structure. Florence, KY: Cengage.
Coser, L. (2014). Masters of Sociological Thought: Ideas in Historical and Social Context. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

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