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Reflection on todays global issues

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Reflection on todays global issues

Category: Common App Essay

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Reflection on today’s global issues
When the United Nations became operational, soon after the end of the Second World War, on 24 October 1945, it was meant to ensure that conditions of “well-being” for all people would be created. However, over many years of conflicts, population growth, natural calamities, civil wars, and unsustainable growth, it has become even more likely that humans face more challenges today than it was seven decades ago. Some of the major issues affecting the global economy include environmental pollution, consumption & consumerism, basic & higher education provision, population growth, availability of natural resources, unequal distribution of financial resources, rising power of multinationals, the threat of terrorism, among others.
Two years ago the United Nations secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon called the ongoing war in Syria “our collective failure.” Even with this having been said and done, two years down the line the war is still ongoing, many people continue to lose their lives, and more groups such as ISIL/ISIS appear to be gaining ground in the war and complicating the problem. In the year 2000, the worlds’ leaders agreed to the achievement of the “Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).” Having agreed to achieve these goals by 2015, it happens that as the year ends this promise seems to have been a big dream, as the MDGs have not been achieved on a global scale and in some of the countries…

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