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Reflection on the United States Constitution

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Reflection on the United States Constitution

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: College

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Reflection on the United States Constitution

Discussion about the constitution is one of the most time-consuming topics, and it could take one the longest time ever talking about. The constitution consists of a number of crucial topics worth dwelling on. Otherwise, we can get some of the crucial points out of the subject and shade more light on them. I have always taken time to reflect and think deeply whenever I hear people comment on the US constitutional rights, Bill of rights, and government authority among others. From my understanding, even the most staunch and respected advocates always speak of issues such as the first amendment. This indicates that the constitution itself and the government are enough to grant rights to the citizens. They are wide off the mark. This directly conflicts with the independence declaration and the intention of the authors.

The main purpose of the Constitution is to provide laws that dictate how the government should operate. The Bill of Rights is aimed at reflecting the goodwill the government has for the citizens. It is instead meant to strengthen the limits that are established on the government. According to the constitution, people are entitled to the rights of free speech and freedom of expression. Both the government and the constitution deny us this right. The right is with us. However, the constitution and its amendments are there to ensure that our natural rights are not violated and ensure that his rights are not taken away by the government.
According to own views, such things do not exist in a constitutional right. The US citizens commit themselves to the government to give them the power and responsibility to ensure that they do not abuse it. I consider this failure to US citizens. I imagine that, after some time, the point of view has changed in that a great many people no more hold the perspective that the administration gets its “equitable forces from the administered assent,” and that the legislature in its superb liberality gifts us our rights, for example, free discourse, gave that we don’t manhandle such rights.

The constitution is one of the greatest political fulfillments and the biggest contribution to political growth achieved in the United States. According to Lutz (1988), the thought of adjusting the cases of people, groups, and the states against one another in an agent assemblage of government were in its time another and progressive thought that has roused the political yearnings of numerous countries and even had an enduring impact on the origination cherished in international law.
According to my views, the constitution is not the only place where the laws of the government are based. It is worth noting that the constitution is a document that allows the government and the law to adapt. I don’t essentially think its authors could anticipate the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage, or the fetus removal level headed discussion, yet they did realize that things would happen that they couldn’t predict and incorporated that versatility with the structure they were setting up.

In conclusion, the Constitution can go about as a particular impediment in the political advancement of the United States. However, this is an issue that is determined in the points’ understanding of the task as opposed to the thoughts and hypotheses that persuaded the Constitution.

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