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Reflection on the Paris Climate Conference 2015

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Reflection on the Paris Climate Conference 2015

Category: Lab Report

Subcategory: Ecology

Level: High School

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Reflection on the Paris Climate Conference 2015

President Obama lauded the milestone climate change-pact that was approved in Paris, and he declared that it was the decisive moment for climate change in the world. The agreement in Paris established the long-term outline of the world’s desire to solve the pertinent climate crisis, in an address delivered from the White House. President Obama reiterated the commitment of the United States in making an investment in reducing carbon emissions and the production of clean energy. The United States increased wind power and solar power by threefold and twentyfold respectively, and more investments in energy efficiencies in every means possible. Also, the United States blocked infrastructure that would excavate high carbon fossil fuel from the underground, and the government set a countrywide standard that limited the quantity of carbon pollution released by the power plants into the atmosphere. The COP 21 was set on a goal on providing a limit on global warming to less than two degrees Celsius about the pre-industrial age (Bulkeley 87). Also, the agreement in the conference called for zero net anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and these shall be attained during the mid 21st century. Further, the representatives in the conference shall pursue endeavors to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This 1.5 degrees Celsius will need zero emissions between 20130 and 2050.

US Commitment
According to EDGAR (n.d),…

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