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My Posse Don’t Do Homework
My nights are full of nightmares, and the cause is not evil ghosts attacking, the problem is the multiple homework tasks assigned to me every day. Teachers do not know there is a clear distinction between home and school. We spend more than 8 hours a day and when I get home, a 5-6 hours homework tasks are waiting for me. Adding more pain to this is that our school suggests a minimum of 7 hours of my precious time to do revision and homework. No time is left for me to spend with my friends, play my favorite video games or spend time on my hobbies. Homework has denied me my freedom, time to play and have fun but my teachers seem not to understand.
Teachers are frustrated with me, and this extends to almost everyone passing through this brutal education system. Teachers complain that they cannot get their students to complete tasks they have assigned and the main reason being that most students find homework boring. In some cases, they do not understand instructions for their assignment given by their teachers CITATION Wil17 l 1033 (Wilson, 2017). I still get loads of homework from my teachers, and this makes me study all the time while my friends and siblings are having fun all night. Homework is totally boring and pointless, and most instructors assign it just for the sake of it. The teachers who trick them to believe reading is good to us when it is the opposite lie to our parents. Teachers need to u…

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