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Reflection Assignment – Copy

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Reflection Assignment – Copy

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: Academic

Pages: 3

Words: 825

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Reflection Assignment
Discipline is vital for an excellent academic and life after school. Being drunk has made me feel awry as I have been disrespectful to all the stakeholders and the school fraternity. I got drunk unmistakably not knowing the repercussion of my illusions, but through that incident I have gone through counseling and total reflection in my life. Self respect and worthiness will be my driving license through the rest of my life as I now know that they are vital in one’s life. I need to exercise self-discipline so as to have a successful academic as well as my future life.
Ethics has been one of the strengths I have adopted. Secondly, I want to be highly motivated in academic work and keeping distance to things that will distract my positive focus in life. Management is the other strength that I possess. Being manageable in my life will help me work on my behavior and manage my academics positively. To be an excellent and motivating student, I must regularly show constraint. Not giving into something I want is an indication of durability. Creating the right choices in lifestyle can ruin my life. This kind of behavior will assist me in formulating the right decisions I have to make in this life. Regardless of where I apply this self-restraint, it will help me promote my goals and achievements in my life.
Self-respect will deliver balance and framework into my personal life. It will instruct me …

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