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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Words: 275

Spirituality and Meditation
Spirituality is the recognition of the presence of a supreme being. Through this doctrine, we are able to understand our purpose in life, which helps us exercise our full potential. Spirituality is also aligned towards a person’s belief about existential aspects of life such a direction, meaning, and connection. Religion is the resultant outcome of spirituality where people share particular beliefs and practices. Although religion and spirituality are connected, it is possible for an individual to be spiritual and not religious. More so, despite the fact that spirituality is essential in our lives, it is related to a number of physiological disorders such as anxiety, depression, heart diseases and in some cases even death (Seaward, 5). As such, it means that spiritual health can affect our wellbeing as supported by several theories such as the control and placebo theory. Further, forgiveness is a crucial aspect of our daily lives; this is because it is linked to health problems such as stress. If a person is unable to forgive another according to religion, the Supreme Being becomes angered which in turn results in ill health. More so, activities such as volunteering are associated with spirituality, and they lead to better health outcomes and lower mortality. Therefore, matters concerning religion and beliefs are highly interconnected with the ability to manage stress and overall wellness.
Additionally, meditati…

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