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Reflect on the public health issue you have selected

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Reflect on the public health issue you have selected

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Reflection on Public Health in Colorado
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The areas of the address on my community action plan were drug and alcohol abuse, irresponsible sexual behavior and lack of or minimal physical exercises among the college students. The statistics information and statistics gathered especially on drug use is profound, the extent of the analysis of the three problems is commendable. Further research unveils more of practical solutions to the issues of concern in the action plan. On combating drugs, I realized that the federal government through its active agents implemented a National Drug Control Strategy in 2012. The strategy addresses the drug problem at its various levels, production, distribution and use (Obama 2012).
There is a high correlation between irresponsible sexual behaviors and booze; as per the feedbacks from the classmates. It turns out that individuals who are highly exploratory in drugs are considerably exploratory in sexuality. Statistics indicates that 40% of sexually active teens aged between 13-14-year-olds were under the influence of alcohol during their first intercourse (Greenberg et al 1993). 11% of sexually actives teenagers between the ages of 15-16 years regret having sex under the influence of alcohol. Physical exercise drop from 65% in high schools to 26% in all colleges in the United States cannot merely form the basis for facilitation. Feedbacks indicated that it mostly a matter of motivati…

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