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Reflecive thinking process

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Reflecive thinking process

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Reflective Thinking Process
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Life has many challenges which call for an interactive mechanism of facing them to find the most viable solutions. Interactive measures of scrutinizing each decision to achieve the best approach to take the course are considered. The Kepner-Tregoe approach provides the necessary steps in finding a solution to a problem or a difficulty in a given issue. The step by step mechanism of the approach eases the way a question is analyzed. It is helpful in matters that have a variety of options as well as unfavorable consequences. The strategy aims to narrow down all the options to minimize the negative effects of the decision if there is any (Jones, & Idol, 2013). The following paper is a reflective analysis of issues raised in a region where a university is situated with a large population, and partying events are being held with a negative impact on the environment. The discussion offers an exhaustive analysis of the problem at hand, the causes and the possible solutions as well as how to implement them.
The case in question is based on a problematic party in the Midwestern city which hosts a university which holds at the end of a school year. The major problems that arise from the party include excessive noise from the loud music. The residents in the area also complain of excessive littering to the environment which poses a health hazard to them. Besides, the individuals who attend the party are kn…

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