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Recruitment and Compensation of Employees

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Recruiting and Compensation of Employees
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Employees are essential personnel in driving the daily activities and the operations of the mission and vision statement of an enterprise. Therefore, any organization under the human resource department strives to utilize the available workforce maximum to achieve the primary objective of the firm therein. Recruitment and compensation are the among the core activities of the human resource management in a business (Uggerslev, Fassina & Kraichy, 2012). Recruitment entails the process of selecting and appointing the appropriate employees who possess the job description requirement. Besides, the employees should have the skills and competence that aids in performing the tasks with considerable expertise. In this case, therefore, the recruitment process aims at attracting the suitable employees in the functions along the organizational structure. Compensation refers to the reward that the human resource management gives the employees in return for the services they offer to the firm in term of performing their tasks and responsibilities (Leah-Martin, 2017). The essay thus presents an in-depth analysis of the two human resource management elements as well as the significance they have on the organizational strategy achievement.
Overview of the Recruitment Process
The Human resource team needs to perform an implementation crackdown on approaches in fulfilling the organizati…

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