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Recommendation Letter Revised

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Recommendation Letter Revised

Category: Statistics Project

Subcategory: Political Science

Level: PhD

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Recommendation Letter
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Dear sir/madam
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation letter for one of my students. In the year 2012 when I was a lecturer at the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy Studies, I noticed one of my students Mr. Le for his extraordinary behavior. I met the named gentleman in the class of Vietnamese Foreign Relations in the year 2012. Again in the springs of the year 2013, I taught Mr. Le in the class of History of International Relations. This time round, he was not a stranger to me because we had interacted often. Afterwards, he became a close friend because we shared the same interest in the field of International relations, and thus I know him better than he thinks.
Noting Mr. Le was not hard for me because he displayed a unique character. As a lecturer for four years, I have interacted with many students but Mr. Le was no like any of them. I was impressed with his diligence and sociable nature, as he made my classes lively through asking relevant questions and always asked for clarification whenever he had doubts. In the two classes that I taught Mr. Le, I learned he is hardworking, creative and self-driven being, who can be trusted with any research of his level and excel more than his mates. He demonstrated his capabilities by engaging in intense research in International Issues and International Relations and Diplomacy, and after evaluating his piece of research I admired him. Surprisingly, despite him involving in the mentioned research, Mr. Le was not in the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy Studies. Moreover, he consistently attended the classes that I taught even though they were not part of his curriculum. Honestly, his passion for research and handwork motivated many students and was consulted by students on issues pertaining the International Relations and Diplomacy because of the knowledge he had acquired through his handwork. Mr. Le is one of the very few students whom I gave a score of 8.0 on the scale of 10. Nevertheless, I rarely give students 8.0, and those that I give are extraordinary students, the category in which he falls.
Mr. Le proved worth of my respect and trust, and therefore, immediately after his graduation I requested him to help me in some research. It was not easy to get him because of his high demand, but he could not turn down my request because we had become very close. This time round, Mr. Le confirmed to me that he was a research genius. He did exemplary work. I noticed that he does not require any supervision to do what is right and in the right manner. He is a reliable, efficient and motivated gentleman who is independent in his work and research. I was working on projects about American politics and Vietnamese foreign politics, but I can honestly say that Mr. Le did 80 percent of the research, and the results were excellent. His analytical skills were incomparable. I learned that as a professor there is a lot to learn from such a student.
I respect the resolution that Mr. has made to further his studies for purposes of research at your university. I have trust that he will be a valuable asset to your university because he is immensely talented. Moreover, I am confident that he will be eligible to receive the financial aid that is offered at your university. If you have any concern about him, I will be pleased to give account.
I have to accept that since I became a lecturer, Mr. Le is in the top three of all the students I have interacted with in the course of my career. I have no doubt that he can be an extraordinary scholar and a researcher. Mr. Le can explore a lot in this world, and I am convicted that his handwork plus intelligence, combined with his efficiency and determination, he can make a difference in the world of scholars. I believe Mr. Le is amazing and can be trusted with any research, especially where precision is paramount.
Yours Sincerely

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