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Reasons for undertaking study in nursing at Gorge Washington University.

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Reasons for undertaking study in nursing at Gorge Washington University.

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Subcategory: Nursing

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Reasons for Undertaking Nursing study at Gorge Washington University
Nursing is one of the most favorite fields to study especially for those who wish to offer health services to their communities. However, the initial decision is because of a passion driving the individual to undertake the career. There are several reasons that would support the need to pursue a career in nursing. These include; the needs to help others, nurses are well-respected practitioners, nursing offers career diversity as one can work literally everywhere and better growth prospects. In conclusion, nursing is an exciting field offering applicable skills in day-to-day life.
Nursing is a career that does not take references on the age but I would rather take up doing the course now at a university accredited as having the best training and support services. The need to study now offers me a great opportunity to guide through my experience and have more time to work. My career objectives are guided by the desire to acquire the position of a Registered Nurse working in a reputable medical facility where my acquired skills knowledge and experience are highly tasked as well as offering opportunities for growth and innovation. My career goals are lined up with my objectives however I believe George Washington university will offer me the best platform of pursuing quality education, skills and suitable environment.
Globally, George Washington University of Nursing…

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