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reasons for transferring an objectives you would like to achieve

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reasons for transferring an objectives you would like to achieve

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

Level: University

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Reasons for Transferring and Objectives to Achieve
Reason for transfer:
I intend to change my major from psychology to communication for several reasons. Psychology is a good major, but it was not clicking on me. Besides, the material in psychology major never appeared to hold my interest. I was surrounded by chances to test out prospects through taking starter courses, especially in the interested disciplines including communications. The main reason I want to change my major is to gravitate towards my future career. I attempted to figure out on ways I could benefit from things I enjoy doing. For example, I am a social person who enjoys writing. Besides, am passionate about creativity and imagination which is well-matched for generating content-oriented communication outcomes such as press releases, advertisements, and news (Lees 68).
Unlocking my potential in communication is another reason for the change in major. I consider communication as a major that is applied to diverse fields such as public administration, education, intercultural communications, news broadcasting, marketing, public relations, business, and journalism. I have a strong desire for both intercultural communications and news broadcasting. In essence, communications are much sought-after especially in the current world of saturated markets, complex technologies, and business jargon. The knowledge in communications will be essential …

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