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Reasons for the Design of the new ipad

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Reasons for the Design of the new ipad

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Reasons for the Design of the new iPad
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The new iPad design consists of indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), a material, which makes up the transistors, which control the pixels in the display. IGZO solves more problems as compared to the amorphous silicon, which you find in the previous generation of iPads. First, it enables screens to have a higher resolution while consuming considerably less power by 57%. Secondly, transistors made of IGZO are much smaller yet they can pack more pixels into a given space. Finally, it is also possible to use in screens of other product such as televisions and not just in iPads making it more useful than other materials.
The source about the new iPad design is the MIT Technology Review, which is a magazine. The magazine falls into the category of technology. From the article given, we see that it is all about technology, in this case, the new iPad design. The reason as to why I consider it a magazine and not a journal is the topic, which is not very formal as, found in journals. In addition to this, the article quotes people involved without giving proper reference to the source of the quote. Moreover, the writing of the article is light that indicates it targets the average person who is interested in the advancement of technology. Thus, it contrasts the technical and serious writing found in a journal.
The article gives some of the problems that using IGZO solves in the iPad design. In the design process…

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