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Reason for wanting to study field and plans for the future

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Reason for wanting to study field and plans for the future

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Time Management

Level: College

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Admission Essay
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Studying dental hygiene provides one with the skills to enter a job market that is both promising and challenging. For one to study this course, they need to have an individual impetus that will drive them to immaculate excellence. Having such a drive ensures that one achieves exemplary grades in their examinations. This essay provides details of why I want to study in this field. It also provides details of my plans for the future.
The first reason why I would like to take this course is that it will enhance my skills as a dental specialist. This goes to add my value as a practitioner in a highly competitive market. The course also allows me to gain clinical experience through practicals. The practicals lead the students to outreach. This is where the students interact with the public in the actual implementation of lessons learnt in class. This also ensures that the skills learnt through the practicals are efficient. The reputation of this course also precedes it. The lecturers are known to provide high-quality education to their students. It is without a doubt that once I enroll in this course, I will emerge a better practitioner. My plans for the future involve first working in general practice. However, I will later work privately either at home or overseas.
In conclusion, this course provides me with an avenue to increase my skills. It also provides me with the ability to network with like-minded individuals. …

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