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Reality vs fantasy in Don quixote

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12 December 2015
Reality versus Fantasy in Don Quixote
Real reality becomes easily forgettable and unnecessary in all likelihood when fiction becomes the everyday reality. Miguel Cervantes gives the world of literature a character; Don Quixote de la Mancha, that pushes nearly all the boundaries that distinguish reality from fantasy (Gaffney n.pag.). His obsession with chivalric passions shoots him into a crazy idea of sallying out into the world as an active knight. His simple story evolves to more than just the intended comic effect. It changes into an annotation on the fascinating facets of realism and its impact. In the case of Don Quixote, it evolves into the irresistible attraction of reality on the day to day life (Gaffney n.pag.). This paper delves into the theme of the thin line separating the real from the fiction as they unfold in Don Quixote.
In the starting paragraphs of “Book1” in the novel, Quixote becomes insane. He has become entranced of the “chivalric romances” after too much reading (Gaffney n.pag.). All that he read in his book entered and possessed his imagination. His transformation is so sudden that he that he names his horse “Rocinante” and announces a peasant girl his “sweet lady Dulcinea” (Gaffney n.pag.). He then armors himself and embarks on a mission to make himself a name. His first adventure takes place in the inn that his imaginations see as a castle (Gaffney n.pag.). Here, his youn…

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