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Reality televison

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Reality Television
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For many across the globe, the television has become their primary source of indoor entertainment through films and dramatic programs to mention but a few. In particular, reality television refers to the programs, which feature ordinary people through continuous filming with the aim of entertainment rather than the informative aspect. As a genre, reality television has already become the most prominent puller of eyeballs into the mainstream media and lately digital media platforms. Reality television encompasses documentaries, sports shows, and reality TV news. But while reality television aims to bring authenticity in television programs, questions always arise as to the extent of the genuineness of what they showcase. As such, reality television shows only provide a percentage of truth and are not entirely real.
Many critics of reality television argue that reality TV has never been accurate despite the numerous efforts by producers to make them appear authentic. Notably, this argument gravitates from the notion that the characters in reality TV shows are often guided on how to act with the aim of achieving specific ends. Therefore, reality television may not necessarily be as real as many may want to believe. According to Weiland & Dunbar (2016), reality television shows are creations of producers, and there is a very high likelihood that some of them are scripted. While determining how much of reality television…

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