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Reading Response of two chapters in a book

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Reading Response of Two Chapters in a Book
This paper examines the book entitled “American Foreign Policy since World War II” by John W. Spanier. To be precise, there is an exploration concerning the seventh and eighth chapters of the book. The seventh chapter, “The End of the Cold War”, discusses four significant topics on the same. Also, the eighth chapter, “Old Tensions in a New Order”, explores the expectations after the Cold War.
The content of Chapter Seven is about the end of the cold war. It happened during President George Bush’s time in office. During this time, there was also the fall and demise of the Soviet Union. The government under George Bush attempted to manage the Soviet’s Union collapse to no avail. The Soviet Union collapsed mainly due to financial matters. In my opinion, the government should have executed other rectification means. The government did not wholly focus on the immense military expenditures.
In Chapter Eight, Spanier focuses on the speculated events after the Cold War. The author outlines that the citizens considered the end of the Cold War important for the USA. I agree with the author because the end of the Cold War meant that the government would concentrate on developing the country. The military-economic expenditures would be less thus the country would be stable. There is also discussion of Bill Clinton and matters on geo-economics. Clinton re…

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