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Philosophy Rant on Aristotle’s Rhetoric and its Influences
Introductory Paragraph
Motivate: Wanting to, is not the only way to achieve our goals. To be able to actually convey our thoughts into something greater, to persuade those who hear us is the most important part of a successful speech. If we aim to be successful spokespeople, knowing what Rhetoric is, and how to use it is essential.
Body Paragraph Topic #1
Point #1: Pathos
Supports: Ethos is a word related to the English word “Ethics” it refers to how trustworthy is the person who is giving the speech, or the person who writes the work. Ethos can be used to persuade since it appeals to the credibility of the person we are listening, or reading. If we believe the person we are seeing, we will believe what that person says (The Rhetorical Triangle 1). For instance, if one of our parents tells us something, we will believe it because we trust them. We might not understand what they are saying, or asking, but we will do as we are told because we believe they know what they are doing.
Body Paragraph Topic #2
Point #2: Pathos
Supports: Aristotle identifies pathos with emotions. To the philosopher, to be able to understand the people’s emotion would make us more effective speakers (Kennedy 100). If we know what our emotions do, and what we can do with other people’s emotions, we shall persuade those who listen to us. A speaker that employs correc…

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