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Racial Profiling: The Experience of Black Americans and Muslim American

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The American justice system is composed of three parts that, ideally, should work hand-in-hand to promote justice. These three groups are the police, courts and corrections. The police are expected to arrest the criminals (Neubauer and Fradella 2011, p. 7). One of the tactics that the police system employed is racial profiling. In the realm of criminal justice, “the use of racial profiling as a law enforcement tactic is that race (or ethnic) characteristics help the police to target those more likely to be criminals” (Ryberg, 2011, p. 79). Thus, coming from this assumption, this technique will help the police department to apprehend more criminals. The minorities in the United States, particularly the Black Americans and Muslim Americans, are greatly affected by racial profiling.

Problem Statement
Contrary to the supposed role of criminal justice, the current system does not promote justice rather discrimination and inequality because of the use of racial profiling. This has been supported by Chan (2011) – “the experience of being subject to racial profiling can lead to a feeling of being harassed and to a sense of alienation from the legal system” (p. 75). Racial profiling is a form of stereotyping, which can lead to morally wrong instances: a change from assumptions to “realities” about the things you “know” to a particular group; used to be in power or to justify the position of those who are in power and; perpetuate social inequalities and…

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