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Race discrimination and racial harassment.

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Race discrimination and racial harassment.

Category: Rhetorical Essay

Subcategory: Theology

Level: College

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Race discrimination and racial harassment
Racial discrimination is a situation that arises in times when a person is treated or treats another unfairly based on racial considerations. “ Race stands for an individual’s color, their citizenship, ethnic background, and nationality ” as indicated in (Light, Ryan, Vincent and Alexandra 41). Racial discrimination may be experienced at the workplace, learning institutions, residential areas, public places, or any other place where services and products are being offered. Racial harassment is any harassing activity carried on someone based on the definition of race above. Racial Harassment comes informs of intimidation, hostility, or offensive activities. Racial harassment could be jokes attacking a given race, physical activities like making and displaying in public images that are abusive or offensive to a particular race in public. Both Race discrimination and racial harassment are actions that prompt a legal action once it has been reported. The paper will address both forms of discrimination at workplace since they are associated with workplace stress.
Racial discrimination could be direct or indirect depending on the context. “At the workplace, for instance, two persons are entitled to similar treatment but one is shown more favor than the other” as mentioned in (Light, Ryan, Vincent and Alexandra 47). The one treated unfair is given a reason that the post would not…

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