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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Question 1
Napster had a system in place that enabled its users to share music files directly from their hard drives. The sharing process did infringe on the copyright laws that guarded the creative works shred in the form of mp3s. RIAA instituted a suit to stop Napster from providing a platform that allowed for copyright infringement (Zepeda, 2002).
Question 2
Yes, the Napster system does allow for rights infringement. The system allowed for contributory infringement of copyright.
Question 3
The digital millennium recording Act criminalizes the illegal distribution of copyrighted musical works. The act protects both individuals and companies that engage in the production of creative audio content (Zepeda, 2002).
Question 4
Napster tried to escape liability by asserting that the company was a service provider that allowed its users to share material temporarily held on the site as envisioned under section 512(a) of the Act. Also, Napster engaged in acts that were solely the duty of the Digital Millennium Recording Act (Zepeda, 2002).
Question 5
The actions of Napster fall under the category of copyright infringement.
Question 6
Napster allowed for free music redistribution thus taking away the livelihood of several music composers that depend on the music for a living (Zepeda, 2002). The actions of Napster were unethical.
Question 7
The direct sharing of files from one’s hard drive to the other user’s stor…

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