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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Unit 4 Questions
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Unit 4 Questions
Chapter 11
Q 1
John introduced the pay systems that were from another industry. The compensation strategy was common in the Wall Street. John failed to consider that AED was in a different industry and hence the system could not work. He faced many problems for his decision of paying the employees a lot of money which later led to problems with some employees such as Billy Ray whom he reviewed low so that he could not receive high bonuses.
Q 2
John could have politely communicated with the employees and be at ease with them so that they could share ideas and feel free in the working environment. The employees were scared of John since he could have made them lose their jobs.
Q 3
Billy Ray should have quitted since John rated him inappropriately for him to have fewer bonuses. John could have accepted him back since he was hardworking. Billy could have taken a strategy of reporting AED to the Department of Labor or the EEOC.
Q 4
Elizabeth was treated unfairly. She was devoted to her job and even worked hard to reduce the dry wells by approximately 11%. The initiative is not necessary at work because it would lead to discrimination of some employees who are average to those who are perfect. It was right for her to open a case which shows that she was discriminated since men were listened more than her. The company could defend itself that Elizabeth could have forwarded the discriminat…

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