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Category: Common App Essay

Subcategory: Anthropology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275


Question 1
One of the aspects that come out of the case study is the case of atypical mycobacteria. Atypical mycobacteria are said not be in a position to cause disease in immunologically competent human beings. Therefore, what are atypical mycobacteria and what role do they play in the human body? Can their impact on the body be corrected through actions such as treatment?
Question 2
The family of Clarissa was found to have a gene defect, and gene defects are responsible for some of the conditions that are experienced from time to time. Therefore, what is a gene defect and what are the consequences of gene defects? How can gene defects be corrected?
Question 3What is the role of mutations in IFN-gamma receptor deficiency and how have the mutations contributed to the increased incidences of conditions such as AIDS? What is the treatment option available for individuals experiencing gene deficiency?

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