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question and answer

Category: Case Study

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Question and Answers
Question 1
The order winner enjoys competitive advantage thus they cause the firm customers to have preference over the firm products and services over those of the competitors. This is because the order winners customize a product to meet the requirement of the customers. Moreover, timeliness is key they have the ability to provide product in the market in a timely manner. The other aspect of the order winners is innovation as they use technology. Order qualifiers involve the competitive advantages that the firm should exhibit to be considered a worthwhile competitor. Such include high product quality, timeliness of delivery. On the other hand, the order losers lack important information to project future demand, also have high-cost poor quality and long lead time. All these factors are similar in that they all involve quality of the product.
Question 2
The current TFC line of manufacturing chassis that are customized is as a result of extensive ability and experience to produce a new line of design on time. This feasible due to the flexibility of the firm as well as the speed associated with meeting customer’s needs. Hence, the value proposition for the company is the customized chassis. However, the demand and want of the new market are cost control and reduction, high volume production, and standardization. For TFC to ramp up, it requires more than adding basic resources. To produce a mass of standard product…

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