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Quality Improvement Plan

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Quality Improvement Plan

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Masters

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Words: 275

Consolidated Quality Development Plan
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Consolidated Quality Development Plan
The major aim of healthcare is to provide long-term solutions that would ensure patients lead healthier lives. Notably, living healthy is not necessarily the absence of disease. Rather, healthy living entails the processes by which relevant actions are undertaken to ensure that an individual does not fall ill and incorporates relevant actions that would enable them to live longer healthily (Bergeron, 2017). An assessment of the past weeks’ assignments illuminates the desire to create a sustainable and long-term mechanism that would enable veterans living in community living centers (CLC’s), to lead healthier lives. The plans propose several solutions that justify the need to establish dashboards as well as plans to monitor falls and the management of pressure ulcers.
Firstly, the dashboard was recommended for a maternity set up. That does not necessarily imply that its functions cannot be replicated elsewhere. Accordingly, the dashboard illuminates that the implementation of a quality improvement program is more successful when the organization invests in information systems to monitor, track performances as well as enhance efficiency (Bergeron, 2017). The assignment on “the Justification of Costs and Risk Management Plan” identified that the attainment of quality and thus a working program should be a by-product of efficient planning. Investing in dashboard…

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