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Qualitative Research Study

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Qualitative Research Study

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Appraisal of a Qualitative Research Study
NURS392 – Week 7
Read Deitrick, L.M., Bokovoy, J., & Panik, A. (2010). The “dance” continues… evaluating differences in call bell use between patients in private rooms and patients in double rooms using ethnography. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 25 (4). P 279-287. This article is posted in the “Readings” tab in the Week 7 Forum.
Conduct an appraisal by answering the following question on this form. You do not need to include a Title page, but be sure that grammar, clarity and APA standards such as font size, spacing etc. are adhered to.
1 Design
A Describe the type of qualitative design used in this study Explain here: An ethnographic grounded theory mixed method qualitative approach was taken. The researchers went to the study site to observe call bell answering behavior in different subjects. Further a questionnaire method was used as a part of this qualitative study.
B What might be a valid alternative qualitative design appropriate to this study? Explain here: The alternative qualitative design may have been the interviewing on the patients regarding the time taken by care staff to reach them coupled with the quality of patient centric care rendered at the same time.
C Why is a qualitative design appropriate to this research study? Explain here: Since behavior, stress and patient management (leadership qualities) are all qualitative traits, hence the study is appropriate as a Qualitative study design.
D How were subjects selected for this study? Explain here: 29 staff and 24 patients from unit 2 and unit 1 were randomly selected in consultation with staff nurses to eliminate the chances of bias.
Qualitative Rigor
A Briefly describe how credibility was achieved
The credibility of the study was achieved through random purposive sampling and hence bias in the study is minimal
B Briefly describe how transferability was achieved
The transferability was achieved due to focused evaluation of staff and patient responses from both the double patient units and single patient units
C Briefly describe how dependability was achieved
Dependability was achieved by correct choosing of end points that influences unit behavior. These were leadership style, physical environment and use of technology were all responsible for responding to call bells from patients.
D Briefly describe how confirmability was achieved
The confirmability was achieved placing the staff nurses as a control point for safety purposes. These nurses adequately responded to the call bells and ensured the confirmation of dependability factors that drives unit response.
2 Results
A Briefly describe the data analysis procedures used in this study. Explain here: Text data that included observation notes and interview transcripts were de-identified and coded to analyze the end points in the study. NVivo7 qualitative data analysis software was used for the purpose.
B What is the study’s potential contribution? Explain here: Communication through call bells is only the few means of communicating with care providers in a hospital. Differences exist in the response of staff members to call bells from patients from unit to unit and may be from hospital to hospital. Hence the administration of a hospital must ensure there is a uniform compliance in responding to call bells from patients across various units and different hospitals.
C Are the results relative to persons in similar situations? Explain here: Results might be similar because health care staff are stressed and often remains puzzled to exhibit focused behavior in responding to call bells.
D What are the implications of this study to EBP? Explain here : The implications of this study to EBP is that it provided and unfolded the needs of response to patient calls, which is still jeopardized in many occasions. Designing of better cues that are both ergonomically compatible for both patients and staff needs to designed and implemented.
Grading Criteria Points Possible Your Points
On time submission 10 Study Design 10 Study Rigor 10 Study Results 10 APA, grammar and organization 10 Total 50 Appraisal guide from – Melnyk, B.M. and Fineout-Overholt, E. (2011). Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: a guide to best practice (2nd ed.). Wolters Kluwer: Philadelphia.

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