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Qualitative Research Questions

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Qualitative Research Questions

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Qualitative Research

Types of Questions That Lead to a Qualitative Research
For a qualitative research process to be successful, a reflective and inquiring process to develop questions is essential. The researcher should keep in mind that the research questions should imprint a reflective process and fully involve the participants in the process of inviting them to assist in formulating the research questions. Questions should seek to answer: who is doing it, why it is done, where it is done, strategies and consequences for doing or not doing it leads to a successful qualitative research (Agee, 2009).
Framing a Quantitative Research Question
The research questions I would use in a qualitative research would aim at describing the variables being measured by quantifying the number. Such questions begin with words like “How much” “What percentage.” Specific groups will be the target of these research questions. Additionally, the questions will focus on determining the differences between two or more groups and establishing the relationships that might be present between two or more groups (Punch, 2013).
Qualitative Research Question and Rationale for Choosing It
A qualitative research question is a question that seeks to establish relationships or make comparisons between variables (Plummer et al., 2014). They usually contain dependent and independent variables and mostly begin with “how” and “why.” A qualitative approach can be used for the…

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