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As per the Oxford English Dictionary, a divorce refers to a legal marriage dissolution. In the event that a person wants out, or wishes to file a complaint that can lead to marriage, then they must have stayed in that marriage for at least a year. In the UK for instance, a divorce can only be granted when a court of law is satisfied that all the provided reasons are adultery either by the wife or the husband or in some cases, by unreasonable behavior arising from the wife or the husband. A divorce can also be granted where needed in such cases as a husband or wife deserting their spouses for more than a year.
Statistics shows that infidelity is on the rise in Qatar, owing to the fact that people live a flashy lifestyle. The modern technology has made the marriage institution a constant human hell. It has had immense negative effects on marriages that have even led to divorce. It is called electronic infidelity. The emergence of smartphones has made it possible to commit to illicit relationships. This has even been witnessed with the first night into marriage. The best approach to give this kind of relationship is to understand that men can turn out to be on revenge mission should they find out about such an electronic infidelity on their spouses and the vice versa. This will lead to unimagined marriage consequences that at some point could lead to death.

Traditionally, marriage was ideally tribal. The related families supported their children to marry their cousins or even relatives so as to increase and strengthen their tribe. In some Gulf communities, known for their strictness, would not allow any member of the females to know or even take part in such an arrangement. According to Sharia, a man may have as much as four wives given his financial muscles. This notion is however not holding water anymore since many women are slowly gaining their independence. The traditional belief and customs that women are nurturers while men are providers are slowly being replaced by a shift in gender roles.

Divorce is an issue that has sparked a lot of debate in the recent century. There are a number of assumptions made with regard to divorce. These include the assumptions that have been shared and those that have not. Some people hold that divorce is a despicable thing, regardless of the circumstances. Another school of thought is of the opinion that divorce is the best solution for the peace of children. According to Ager, human relationships are prone to diseases and are thus fragile. She adds that not all marriages should be saved as not all deserve the hustle. Divorce, as she says, has redeemed quite a number of human spirits than it is ever doomed. One would joke at the thought of training men and women on how to go about their divorce for their children’s sake, for them to view it not as the war but as a way of creative change.
Things have changed. In Qatar, a man can simply divorce his wife by pronouncing the word “I divorce you” thrice. He can also rescind the divorce if he realizes that he did it under some heated argument. But if a woman had legitimate reasons for divorce, she must first seek a hearing from Kadhi. Upon divorce, children remain under the custody of the man.
In the last two decades, the rate pf divorce have remarkably taken a hit in Western countries. This is something that should be looked into with a lot of details as there are more than meets the eye in this. It is highly considered that the rate of divorce is highest in the USA. Factually, one out of two marriages end up in disposed marriage. As a result, there is a notable change in economical, psychological and emotional mindset within the society. Though most marriages boast of bliss, there are unnamed challenges that ceaselessly seem to wreck these otherwise sacred institutions, some of which include life style, what’s more?
There is need to arrest and tame this increasing rate of divorce. Some actions should be taken to see to it that any such occurrences are tamed to a minimum level possible. There is the school of thought that holds that most marriages wreck due to lack of commitment plus due to the fact that young people rush to marry one another without knowing their spouses too well.
Even at the present, in families and communities where divorce is a taboo, children are meant to grow up while grasping ways of love and affection from fathers and mothers who never saw eye to eye, who rarely to themselves and who rarely curdle or share laughter together. Other sources hold that marriage is a contract that is easier to terminate than it is to create. Any disposable marriage is easier degrades the commitment and even cheapens the vows of lifelong love and fidelity. There is a worrying trend in the rate of divorce across nations. This has even soured since no-fault divorce thresholds were effected.
For the reason, there are specific laws that govern marriage. No proper marriage could take place unless the groom and the bride had special permission to do so. There are different perspectives that have been fronted to explain why people divorce. The first approach is derived from the basis of stress free adjustment perception regarding divorce as being a procedure that starts with feelings of estrangement that comes from one partner and continues to another or even in both cases.
There is a selection perspective that draws its arguments on assumptions and holds that people who engage in sex before getting to marriage have some disparities in the possibility of divorce or poor matrimonial quality. The relevant traits in this group include poverty, low education level and upbringing under divorced circumstances.
Cohabitation experience is another perspective that assumes that through cohabitation, one increases their chances of marital dysfunction including their personalities that they portray to their partners. This argument further holds that cohabitation prior to marriage changes individuals and by extension, undermines their latter marriage quality and commitment.
In conclusion, marriage and divorce are two things that define one another. A divorce occurs where there was marriage and marriage, if not fruitful often leads to a divorce. There needs to be some means and ways that can be used to tame or prevent this increasing cancer that consumes marriages. One would be advised to know their spouses before finally tying the knot. This takes care of misunderstanding among the members of the union.
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