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Putting it all together: Forensics Psychology- Science and Practice

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Putting it all together: Forensics Psychology- Science and Practice

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Science and Practical of Forensic Science
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Science and Practical of Forensic Science
According to the recent research, it has been proved that real evidence does not defend people from the opposite key decision. Many investigators make some wrong judgment by accusing the innocent to be guilty. Also, because of their denials and the strong believe in their rights, the innocent will always outlaw their right. Besides, police cannot differentiate a statement that has not been corroborated to be true and the declaration that is false. This implies that the innocent person will engage their innocent person into risk (Bartol, 2012). Due to this effect the reforming forensic psychology should be put into consideration and be practiced to stop and assist in giving necessary protection to the innocents.
A forensic psychologist is a person who is chosen as an expert in a given field (Wrightsman, 2009). In most cases, a forensic psychologist is always called to appear in court as an expert witness to make some key points in cases that involve the brain of a human being. In other cases, a forensic psychologist can be available in cases; for instance, if a person is legally competent to stand before the court and claim for his right to trial. The most important role of the forensic psychologists is the capability of testifying cases in court as a proficient bystander. The psychologist can reformulate the psychological information acquired into an easy…

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