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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Public Administration

Level: College

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Public Administration
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Public Administration
System theory
This theory has the reluctant approach which has brought a lot of advances in the field of medical education. It can be tracked back by people like Aristotle. In this theory, what is seen is the final product: an educational program, human being or the universe. The appreciation which is seen is no explained simply but a relationship among the parts involved and the environment. During the 20th century, the theory was attributed to people like Bertalanfy who were a great biologist. However, he fails to recognize the roots towards his thinking; the approach focuses on the major steps away from the reductionist which is believed to be dominant in scientific reasoning.
Personally, I think government agencies have a role as a regulator to any of the urban planning. This is more important in a market economy than in the socialist economy. In this case, the government is a planner, developer, and builder. Thus, its role as a regulator is the same as the planner or developer of the urban center. The government also acts as referee since it has to follow the set rules in coming up with any of the urban centers. Finally, the government needs first to develop the urban objectives and the entire urban policies. Thus developing any urban center, the government has a role to play.
The government has a role to protect and provide for all the ethnic groups. Th…

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