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Public school system should be required to wear school uniforms

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Public school system should be required to wear school uniforms

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Public School System should be required to Wear School Uniforms
School uniforms are the specific design for clothing designated to be worn by the students when attending their academic classes at the schools. Different public schools in the United States and their respective different grades have different school uniforms. However, that is no issue, what is important is that schools should be schools and rather not fashion shows. Since all students go and should go to school with one primary aim, gaining an education, creating uniformity amongst all students is also paramount (Brunsma 216). I, therefore, strongly support that the U.S. public school system should be required to wear school uniforms. The reason being, the wearing of school uniforms serve to create and provide several positive benefits to both the schools and students as will be explained in details below.
First, the wearing of school uniforms in the public school systems promotes the identity with both the school and class. The identity with the school and class is a significant situation that creates an emphasis on the common educational purpose. The school uniforms put everyone on the schools, the students, to be in the same boat so that they can be more comfortable and likely to help one another succeed (Federle 1000).
Second, the school uniforms are the best solution to bullying. Students who cannot afford designer or expensive clothing are always an easy target to …

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