Public Relations (PR)

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Public Relations (PR)
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HIV Rates in Black Men

HIV Rates in Black Men Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation HIV Rates in Black Men According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2017), African Americans represent the largest percentage of new HIV infections and individuals living with AIDS. According to CDC (2017), as of 2015, African American individuals only represented 12% of the US population but were overrepresented (a staggering 48%) in the number of individuals ever diagnosed with HIV. Specifically, gay and bisexual men comprise the largest number of new infections among this race. In Atlanta, the rate of new HIV infections among this group has been termed as of “epidemic proportions”...

Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado

Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado Name: Institution: Date: The state of Colorado is one of the few states in the US that have legalized recreational marijuana. Given that the law allowing for the sale and use of recreational marijuana only came into effect in 2014, the state has discovered many gaps regarding its distribution and the laws governing its use. For this reason, the state of Colorado through the Colorado Department of Public Health in conjunction with other stakeholders deemed it fit to come up with the ‘Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado.’ The framework outlines procedures and policies which include assessment, policy...

Tragedy of Commons

Tragedy of Commons Authors name: Institution: The tragedy of commons can be explained as a situation in which people who share a resource over exploit it and as a result, the resource becomes depleted. According to Ponce, the term ‘share’ means that none of the parties can claim ownership of the resource. Ponce attributes the overexploitation of such resources to the fact that there lacks regulation on the usage and therefore, individuals lack limitation on the extent to which they should utilize the resource. Hardin (1968) presents an interesting concept of viewing the tragedy of commons. He implies that the term ‘commons’ can be metaphorically applied to almost all resources...

2 Jobs and an Internship

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Two Jobs and an Internship Question Two Internship Job Description According to a public relations internship job, there are several interesting reports that I found appealing. One is supposed to brainstorm creative ideas and fulfill the client needs and opportunities. Having a good relationship with people before, I feel that this job description fits well what I am capable of doing. I can write and distribute news/press releases and other PR materials. This job description requires one to participate in client meetings that I have experience before and developing new creative ideas to team development meetings. As I have been an...