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Public policy and perception revised

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Public policy and perception revised

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: War

Level: College

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Public Policy and Perception
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Public policy and perception
Addiction can be defined as the inability to stop using or stop doing something that is harmful. The society is more likely to have a negative attitude towards addicts; society sees them as people who have a moral failing. According to Miller (1991), the public continues to view and perceive addiction as moral degradation besides the many types of research that indicate it’s a disease. Addicts are regarded as immoral, weak-willed in the society that should be punished for their actions (Faupel et al., 2013). This kind of stigma discourages some individuals from using addictive substances like drugs. However, stigmatizing addicts keeps them from getting help for themselves; it prevents family, friends and even employers from acknowledging the problem.
Contrary to what majority think about the condition, that it’s in the hands of the addict and that the addict can alter the situation any time they wish, addiction is a complex condition. It is sad that policymakers often categorize addicts as spoilt people who do not deserve support, and hence governments do very little towards helping them. The latter affects not only the addicts but also the potential researchers whose work is given less attention hence the reduced research in the field.
Public policy is a system of regulatory measures, laws concerning a given subject matter promulgated by a governmental body or its…

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