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Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado

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Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado

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Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado
The state of Colorado is one of the few states in the US that have legalized recreational marijuana. Given that the law allowing for the sale and use of recreational marijuana only came into effect in 2014, the state has discovered many gaps regarding its distribution and the laws governing its use. For this reason, the state of Colorado through the Colorado Department of Public Health in conjunction with other stakeholders deemed it fit to come up with the ‘Public Health Framework of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado.’ The framework outlines procedures and policies which include assessment, policy development, and assurance that will help reduce the potentially harmful impact of legalized recreational marijuana on the public.
One of the methods used to advance the framework is assessed through monitoring and investigation. In this regard, the public health department has been tasked with the duty to monitor the trends in use and the health impact of recreational marijuana. To realize this, the department is adding new relevant questions into the current population-based surveys coupled with the use of existing data on the effects of marijuana on various groups. Additionally, a scientific review panel comprising of various health experts has been organized by the department to help in monitoring the trends and health effects of marijuana and consequently offering recommendations. How…

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