Public Administration

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Public Administration
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Affect of Policy on Public Administration

Name: Course Instructor: Date: Affect of Policy on Public Administration The government, public and interest groups all play a part in drafting policy and laws. These different groups also depend upon and influence each other. Public policy is a procedure of selecting strategies and making decisions. Steps included in public policy making are but not limited to policy formation, getting of agenda, policy implementation, and policy adoptions. These policies are usually assessed to see the anticipated outcomes and to amend existing and potential public projects and programs (Kørnøv and Wil 195). Public administration pertains to the institutionalized principles, organizational compositions,...

Employee’s Roles & Characteristics

Cultural Competence for an Employee Student’s Name Institution Introduction Hello, you can call me Laura, I am a worker in this department. Welcome to our organization, more specifically to our office. Feel free to be in our department. I would like to take you through the various programs and how we operate as an organization. Feel free to ask questions for clarification. In the modern society, most companies have shifted their management from being action driven to results. Most of the organizations have taken the idea of changing to result-driven goals. Most of the investors, stakeholders, and donors are after the profit which they will make out of their investment thus they need to know...

Given Scenario

Organization Intergenerational Conflicts Authors Name: Institution: Generation Y comprises of people born between 1979 and 1999 and is often referred to as the millennials. This generation has received enormous attention in the society as compared to other generations due to the unique traits associated with it. The generation represents the youngest workgroup in today's organizations. Some stereotypes have labeled Generation Y as young individuals who are broke yet spend the little they have on luxuries. Additionally, they have been depicted this generation as disrespectful, egocentric and the least motivated group in the workplace who do not shoulder responsibility and also produce low...

Budget Analysis for Michigan

Budget Analysis for Michigan State Name Institutional Affiliation The start of the executive budget process is timed in a way that it take into account the date of submission to the Legislature. The budget department starts the planning the budget a year before the start of the financial year of that budget. The director of the state budget set the time limit for the submission of various budget information from the different department. The director of the state budget holds some meeting with relevant officials before submitting the final budget to the Governor for approval. The aim of the meeting is to determine the budgetary requirement and also to receive the proposal from various...

Fire Safety Codes

Fire Safety Codes Name Institution Fire Safety Codes Over ten years ago, tragedy struck in West Warwick, RI. The fire outbreak at the Station nightclub did claim 100 lives while generating 200 injuries. The incident comes out as the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in the history of the United States. The onset of the fire relates to the ignition of the pyrotechnics before spreading to flammable acoustic soundproofing foam. This essay describes the development of the fire safety codes, inspection procedures, and enforcement. In addition, it explores the importance of the safety codes during the inspection process. In the course of developing fire safety code, there are seven critical...

Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS.

Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS Name Institution Legal Responsibilities of Emergency Services Organizations Emergency service organizations are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of emergencies such as fire outbreaks, floods, and urgent evacuations. In delivering their services, they ensure that they stick to the stipulated laws such as ensuring that buildings have safety and emergency measures. Due to lawsuits that can be filed against them due to negligence, legal challenges include taking necessary steps to avoid wrong choices such as not installing safety precautions to prevent unnecessary accidents, for instance (Taylor, 2011). While wrong decisions can...

Worcester Cold Storage Fire.

Worcester Cold Storage Fire Student’s Name Institution Introduction Six firefighters lost their lives in a six-floor storage warehouse while they were searching for two homeless individuals. The homeless people had started the fire accidentally on the second floor of the house before leaving. This incident has made the firefighter department to come up with policies that are aimed at ensuring such an event does not recur. In this excerpt, I will examine the ten key changes that have been made to the firefighter operations due to the Worcester cold storage case. The Ten Major Changes to the Firefighter Operations Due to the Worcester Cold Storage Case Some of the changes that have been made...

Shaping of the Fire Service.

Shaping the Fire Service Institutional Affiliation Authors Name Fire is one of the disasters that is either caused by human or occur naturally. When such catastrophic and disastrous events occur, people usually pause and focus on what should be done to prevent the reoccurrence. The focused is strategized based on the damages that have been caused by the hazardous event. Historically, many nations have improved their fire service only after the devastated damage of property and massive loss of life had occurred. Fire is a widespread phenomenon that with first recorded in Egypt. Egypt was the first nation to improvise the fire protection efforts. This paper focuses on some of the historical...

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Abraham Maslow is a renown and most influential psychologist in the field of public administration. In 1943, he wrote an article “A Theory of human motivation” which focused on a needs-based framework of human motivation. In this article he based upon his clinical experience with different type of people, rather than basing on the prior psychology theories that existed during those days. This concept encourages the modern executive managers and other leaders to find the motivation means for their employees and the workforce management. This concept is based on the fact that human beings are usually motivated by their unsatisfied needs,...