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Psychopathology / Abnormal Psychology

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Psychopathology / Abnormal Psychology

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Psychopathology is a term used to refer to the scientific study of mental distress or mental disorders and the factors that contribute to those disorders. According to DSM-III, classified these disorders as personality disorders since its implementation 1987 (Hyler et al, 1988). These disorders were are then classified into three types of clusters which are A, B, and C (Tyrer et al, 1979). The validity of clusters was seen as inappropriate based on some psychologists since they had some overlapping features from the personality disorders. Therefore, during the formation of DSM-5, some researchers suggested that the cluster system of disorders should be removed with the other four personality disorders because the theorists believed that there was no difference between the personality disorders and the clusters. However, the DSM-5 still continues to group the clusters into three categories.
2nd response
The existence of clusters was due to misdiagnosis of personality disorders. The diagnosis of these disorders could develop from consulting or visiting clinician and not from the methods used to diagnose other disorders. Different types of clusters display different unusual behaviors. For instance, people with cluster A are; eccentric, distrust and suspiciousness, cluster B are; more emotional, erratic, and dramatic and cluster C people show the sign of fearfulness and anxiety (Tyrer et al, 1979). The three t…

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