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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Factors that contribute to substance related disorders
Substance-related disorders are diseases that are brought about by using or overdosing drug substance. Drugs are one of the world’s calamities that affect the people more so the young people hence the economy at large. Some of the factors have been raised to whether they facilitate the usage of the drug substance which are biological, psychological, social and cultural factors. Biological factors say that most of the people are genetically prone to drugs. For instance, if parents especially the mother was on drugs during her pregnancy there is a likelihood that the child will be a drug addict in the future. Also, children who have the traits which are genetically influenced like being impulsive, fearless and excitable are prone to drinking, smoking and drug use in their teenage years. A person who lives a meaningless life with no direction, turns to drugs which give them self-control and dull the pain which is temporal. Most of the drug users are stressed, have experienced failure or are depressed thereby they find it easy to use drugs which they assume is the best way to cope with their anger (Butcher et al, 2013).
Social-cultural factors especially in teenagers, use of drugs have social roots. Most of the teens use drugs for social purpose. Peer pressure is one of the social factors in people to start using drugs. Alcohol tends to…

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