Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviors

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Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviors

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Pro-social and Antisocial Behavior
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Personal Perceptions on Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior
Personally, helping and stealing are prosocial and antisocial behaviors respectively that have always stood out from the rest. People often disregard shoplifting, as a lesser stealing that one shall simply outgrow in the future. However, the truth is that shoplifting, much like other forms of stealing, is criminal and the worst antisocial behavior the mind can conceive. For an adolescent, stealing can corrode the development of the teenager, as well as, negatively influence the teenager’s integrity and character. It is absurd that many parents and guardians choose to use excuses and justifications on teenage shoplifters. This move is unethical and negatively affects the development of an adolescent from a minor shoplifter to hazardous behavior when one is an adult such as stealing at the place of employment.
There are people who are prone to act to the advantage of others, and the prosocial behavior that always sticks out is helping a person that is needed. The ideals of the helping behavior are firmly anchored on the notion that one fulfills the needs of others, without seeking to know the circumstances behind such needs. In turn, helping leads to understand, and then making an effort, which is sincere, to honor the person in need.
In the future, the knowledge on antisocial and prosocial behaviors shall this writer in condemning stealing behaviors in every forum. On the other hand, this writer shall use every forum to applaud helping behaviors on all accessible media. For example, a personal blog shall serve as the outlet for the voice of this author decrying the perils of stealing and applauding the benefits of helping behaviors. Moreover, face-to-face counseling of those who steal while young is a definite good use of this knowledge.
Writing a paper in APA has been challenging for some reasons, and they include the following: varying and conflicting sources of information on APA formatting and referencing, in-text citations, and headings. Even though a general guideline on the APA style has been provided, a sneak peeks of information on APA from the Internet compounds the challenge.

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