Proposal to Increase Fines and Penalties for Dirty Hits in the NFL

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Proposal to Increase Fines and Penalties for Dirty Hits in the NFL

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Proposal to Increase Fines and Penalties for Dirty Hits in the NFL
During the past seasons in the various sports, there have been increased cases of abuse and violation of fair play rules. This has happened both to the teams involved in the game directly and those indirectly involved. Moreover, the cases have since risen especially when the issue at hand being handled is matched fixing. There has been a raging argument that imposition of strict rules and penalties would help to curb this menace and contribute to promoting the beautiful game as it was before (Borozne, Morehouse and Pechar 18). This debate has gone on for quite some time, and there has been great analysis into the matter to ascertain the actual effects of the significant fines that are being imposed on the players and the teams when they have been involved in a game or match misconduct in one way or the other provided that they have broken the rules.
Among the most affected places is the National Football League, commonly known as the NFL, which has seen a significant change in the way the game has been perceived. In addition to this, the widespread violation of the rules of play, including fair play and observing agreed terms and conditions of the game would involve in fines. The amount or degree of penalties that they usually receive has elicited some negative reactions among the members of the general public due to the effects that the game has caused. Over the past years, the popularity of the prestigious league has dropped due to the negative publicity that it has been receiving. For this reason, the management of the league saw it wise to table a proposal to increase the penalties and fines of those involved in dirty hits during the game. This came as a last result and measures to ensure that the initial good reputation of the league is maintained.
Problem statement
With the increased popularity and interest among the members of the community who have been embracing the game, a close and proper management structure needs to be put in place to ensure that the reputation does not rot (Borozne, Morehouse and Pechar 22). There have been increased cases of dirty hits in the recent NFL games resulting into spoiling the whole mood of the match. Consequently, the results of the bad hit in the past games have been profound and extremely fatal injuries that are somehow unfathomable. Broken bones alongside the broken ribs and legs have been very frequent in the game and many people have been seen criticizing the mode and manner in which the league is being managed. Many fans including fans have been on the radar with the issue claiming that the management and league should be disbanded to ensure that there are lives that are being saved with the necessary actions. Additionally, some of the effects of the severe hits in the game have seen the sponsorship of the league grind to a halt with the recent freezing of the funding and supporting from the major league sponsors. Most of the people are claiming that the funding is imperative in keeping the league alive and in the event there is an exit in the sponsorship of the league; the league would be no more. In this view, the greater proposals included the disbanded of the appropriate management committee of the association so that the previous glory of the league would be retained (Borozne, Morehouse and Pechar 17). This involved the elimination of the team that leads the league. Otherwise, proper sanctions would be made in the league as a corrective measure.
The management, therefore, decided to come up with a proposal that would reduce the cases of bad hits during the game. This complex motions in an increase in the fines that the players who have been involved in the respective cases are handed. They had great faith in it that it would go a long way in ensuring the survival of the league as well as the general safety of the players who are involved.
The primary purpose of the proposal included the reduction of the cases of fights that result from the dangerous hits. Most of the players who are in the game are short tempered. Immediately they are tackled in a vicious way, they tend to act quickly, and this involves the use of fights and attacks among the players (Morehouse and Pechar 23). Consequently, the games are brought to a halt, and no other activity can continue as sometimes the matches are forced to be postponed or canceled. To reduce this effects, the proposal of increased fines would serve the players right to ensure that they adhere to the rules.
Additionally, the project aims at minimizing the injuries and deaths that result from the several hits during a league game. In the event, there is a bad run that has been imposed on an individual, the most direct effect would be fatal injuries that vary in degree. This is always dictated by the area of impact, and sometimes it can cause unfathomable and devastating impact in the long run (Borozne, Morehouse and Pechar 33). Cases of deaths in the field during the match are usually rare, but they are very painful. Moreover, the aim to reduce the fatalities would also ensure that there are continued support and sponsorship of the league. This would ensure that the popularity of the game throughout the world continues.
Management plan
The plan according to the management involves the gradual imposition of the rules and regulations that would see the improvement of the league. In the recent history, there has been an enormous increase in the number of cases that involved favoritism of the players due to their popularity. The policies that are to be implemented are aimed at ensuring fair play among the players and the teams involved (Morehouse and Pechar 54). This includes the use of strict fines on the players who are involved in the cases of dangerous hits. The management believes that with the utilization of this measures, there are high chances of improving the league where it is.
Another approach assumed by the directorate to act effectively is the banning of players and freezing their account to ensure that they conform to the right cord of conduct that they provide. This would give the players some reason to think out the effects of severe hits and in turn, would benefit from avoiding them. Moreover, it would also serve as a basis to make sure that more players avoid it because it will serve an example to those who will be involved. In the event a player is banned for about three to four months, they will lose their popularity, and, therefore, it will have an effect on his career. To limit this, they would avoid as much as possible the bad hits and tackles.
Given this elaborate evidence that has been provided by the paper, it is necessary to come up with the counter mechanism that would improve the general conduct of the important game. The use of bans on players is a practical measure that would improve the game by limiting cases of injuries, increasing popularity and also maintaining the sponsorship of the match. Therefore, it is very beneficial to introduce the penalties.

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