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Professionalism (related to my character, and related to a future career in medicine)

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Professionalism (related to my character, and related to a future career in medicine)

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Medicine: Professionalism
Professionalism is the epitome of every career. The medical field is a platform that requires the highest levels of professionalism in handling patients. My aspiration to venture into medicine stems from the desire to assist people to acquire quality healthcare. Particularly, I have an interest in advancing the application of stem cells in medicine. I would like to pursue a medical career that will allow me put my passion to practice and bring solutions to some of the existing medical problems.
Numerous life experiences have given me the comprehension of the medical field. I have had interactions with various doctors through shadowing that has given me an understanding of the profession. In the process, I have also learned the importance of professionalism in the medical field and how critical it is towards realizing quality healthcare.
Also, I have been a volunteer in the emergency department of the Sharp Memorial Hospital since 2013 to date. During this period, I have got the chance to work with experienced and knowledgeable physicians that have taught me many medical issues. Additionally, I have worked with the YMCA for four years as a lifeguard and as a swim instructor for special needs. The job required sharpness and generation of accurate solutions that is essential in medicine. Additionally, my undergraduate studies in biological sciences have provided me with the basic knowledge that is critical for my medicine c…

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