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Hoe effective has the implementation of solar energy by the Saudi Arabian government and Saudi Arabian private sector been as a growth strategy?

Student Professor Course level Date How effective has the implementation of solar energy by the Saudi Arabian government and Saudi Arabian private sector been as a growth strategy Abstract Saudi Arabia has consistently experienced the rise in demand for electricity for both commercial and domestic purpose. For this reason, the realms for meeting the rising need for electricity have to be expanded and diversified. With the current concern about environmental and health safety and use of renewable energy sources, Saudi Arabia is progressively adopting and strategically implementing the use of solar energy. “The use of solar energy is a vision 2032 and is a sustainable source as...

Questions are in the paper instructions, it is 5 questions

Biodiversity hotspot Name Institution Date Biodiversity hotspot A biodiversity hotspot is an area with intact natural ecosystem and hosts native species historically associated with the ecosystem. It also means an area highly populated with local species that are cannot be found or are rarely found in other sectors outside the hotspot and are threatened with extinction. The natural value of hotspots is very high therefore any actions taken at the moment to maintain this value may provide a high return on conservation dollar in the efforts to conserve biodiversity. For an area to qualify to be identified as a hotspot, it must meet two critical...


Name: Instructor: Course: Date PLANS AS THEY RELATE TO YOUR EDUCATIONAL AND CAREER GOALS Through my education journey, I have always been interested in pursuing marketing and aviation careers. I chose marketing career due to my love for DECA class, which is one of the main classes that prepares one to become leaders and entrepreneurs for the marketing career and education in marketing. Moreover, DECA class have always been interesting since I joined the club and it inspires me every day to be a great entrepreneur. Through these classes, I have learned how to communicate my ideas and thoughts, and how to organize my presentation in relation to a marketing scenario. On the other hand, my...

Poetry Essay Assigment

Name Subject Tutor Date Poetry Comparison and Contrasts Poetry as an art has been used in both modern and ancient times to convey different messages. This poem attempts to compare and contrast the respective father-son relationships as depicted in Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays” and Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz.” It particularly tends to lay focus on similar and different ways the said fathers interact with and demonstrate affection to their respective offspring. My Papa's Waltz ‘My Papa's Waltz' by Theodore Roethke is about a boy who struggles in a relationship between him and his father. In the first line, the poem clearly elaborates how his father gives...

Job Design Practices

The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practices Student’s Name College’s Name The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practice When we speak of good design practices, we are referring to a critical and conscious way of attentively performing one’s tasks, as well as anticipating consequences for others. In this sense, job design practices are the ones in charge of keeping the interactions between employees and their tasks flowing. (Lauche, 2005). There are four approaches to job design, in this essay, we shall approach them, and contrast their relevance in the worker’s performance. In order to avoid excessive citing, all the following design approaches were taken from Campion...

How critical thinking can be used in everyday life.

How Critical Thinking Can Be Used In Everyday Life Name Institution Application of Critical Thinking in Everyday Life During the course, I have gained substantive knowledge of how to use critical thinking skills that are applicable in addressing human conflict. The course has been valuable in enhancing my ability to evaluate information, problem-solving, approaching cross-cultural perspective, and revolving controversies, as well as dilemmas. I am capable of incorporating the critical thinking skills in the analysis of texts. In this reflection paper, I will focus on illustrating three critical concepts I have learned in the course: problem-solving techniques, cross-cultural...

Comparing Reference Services

Reference Services Comparison Student’s Name College’s Name Reference Services Comparison We decided to write our report on the World War II, and the Canadian Involvement in that war.This is a subject full of historical importance, and we expect find plenty information to use. We intend to conduct our research mostly using online sources. In the same way, we aim to compare and contrast what we can see, what we have researched, and what we have surveyed. Discussion In this report, we are asked to write a reference system comparison, in order to gain thorough understanding of the subject. However, regardless of our research being web-based, the reference system stays the same. We...

Being a triplet

Being a Triplet Undoubtedly, being a triplet is an excellent ice breaker. I must say that during my childhood my siblings and I used to trick those who did not know us into thinking we were the other. However, although the joke has run out by now, we still do it sometimes to remember when we were little. I must tell you; those were the days. Also, another perk of being a triplet is that you will never be lonely, at least not while you grow up. During our childhood, my siblings and I used to be together all the time. We fought, of course, but we acted as one person with multiple brains and hands, which means that we were constantly up for something. I like to think that we were a...