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Professional Liability

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Professional Liability

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Theology

Level: High School

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Professional Liability
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A medical assistant is an allied health worker who supports the works of physicians, doctors, and other health professionals, usually in setting of a clinic. They perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of doctors and chiropractors running smoothly. They play both clinical and administrative roles. They may answer the telephone, greet patients and fill out medical records and update them as needed. They can schedule appointments and handle correspondence and billing.
Clinically, medical assistants are often the people who take medical histories, take part in preparation of patients for medical examination, providing assistance to the doctor during appointments and perform basic laboratory tests alongside other clinical responsibilities. What each medical officer does depends on the state law, office where he or she works and the needs of the assistant’s employer.
Professional Liability
Just like any other careers, the medical assistants, being human are bound to make mistakes, and errors at some points in time during their operation. There are various legislations that have been put in place to either protect or punish them depending on the cause of the error and their role in the occurrence of the error.
Medical assistants are held to a high standard of care owing to their skills, intelligence, and knowledge. As professionals, they are required to have a…

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