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Professional Learning and Action Teams

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Professional Learning and Action Teams
Professional Learning and Action Teams
The teacher’s teamwork is very essential in the effective daily operation of the school. The advantage of teamwork in a teaching environment is that it influences insight in developing the curriculum. Secondly, it makes it easier for the teachers to manage the classroom. Thirdly, collaboration in teaching results in motivations of teachers. Lastly, team working in a teaching career is the best method of tackling learning disabilities among the students.
Besides, collaboration method of working is the best strategy of renewing the school system. This is because teamwork develops a healthily working condition. For instance, “when people work together they share person experiences hence developing complementary strength, empathy, emotion and self-relief for each other “(Youness & Kirstin, 2010). This will lead to the development of friendship hence making it easier to work as a team. The collaboration of teachers is the way of redesigning the school system because it has the best problem-solving strategy. Additionally, it saved time in the daily operation of the school. Also, it saves energy because it is tiresome when a teacher operates solely unlike when a team. Lastly, it is best in the decision-making process because there is room for constructive criticism. Collaboration with teachers must have a clear transparent goal that relates to its visions.

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