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Professional Learning and Action Teams: Alternative Assignment

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Teacher teaming is an explicit way and a tested criterion for improving student performance in schools nowadays. Teacher teaming involves the collaboration of efforts, the amalgamation of ideas, and performing activities together to help an institution meet its goals as the students also perform better in their classroom work (McGill et al. 2001). A significant number of schools are using the method as a strategic plan towards improving the student performance. However, not all teacher teaming that leads to better student performance. In some cases, teaming result to a very poor performance by inculcating a hostile environment for teachers while in other places teaming gives the best results. Teaming is eloquent and explicit when it`s structure, meaning and purpose is well-defined. Therefore, teaming should be very purposeful and focused towards achieving a particular goal.
The efforts of team teaching cannot go unnoticed because of its significant role in schools. Team teaching promotes mutual understanding between teachers and students (McGill et al. 2001). For example, in a school, departments help to increase rapport between the students and teachers. Students feel comfortable because of the freedom they have of consulting their respective department teachers anytime. The interaction leads to openness and enhances positive self-esteem among students leading t…

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