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Product Specification Assignment

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Product Specification Assignment
The product which will be used in New York hospital in lower Manhattan, 400 beds in cafeteria and patients’ meals will require specifications. These specifications need to be created for every component used in the in-process, raw materials, packaged goods and finished products. All these specifications ensure that the product acquired is of high quality. But to achieve superiority, it is essential to address items yield, quality level, packaging, size, count, grade, temperature or dispensation requirements, inspection, and shipping methods. Incomplete or imperfect product specifications may lead to delivery of inferior products (Kreth and Melinda 67). A functional specification will help in preventing adulteration in the distribution of goods and ensures that the final assets will have a hundred percent of the nutrients required. Product specification is one of the most crucial parts of purchasing a dietary good such as apples.
The apples will be acquired from the United States. The product will have to be specified because there are a lot of buyers, and you may be left out in the buying process (Kreth and Melinda 70). The product should be packaged in cartoons and a cold environment so that they can arrive at the required premises while still fresh. To sustain the whole facility, we will need about a hundred cartons of the fruit. The required grade is the United States’ fancy which is acquired from Washin…

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