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Product availability in….

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Product Availability in India

Product Availability in India
The market for feature phones ‘dumb phones’ continues to shrink as more people embrace smartphones. These phones are still indispensable. Nokia 208 Black is a very convenient phone. It allows one to do basic things like call and send messages. It’s a dual SIM phone that enables call swapping. It also has pre-installed Twitter and Facebook for anyone who wants to connect and chat with friends. The phone camera is 1.3MP, with a 6.1cm screen size and 3× digital zoom. The screen resolution is 300×210 pixels. As a music lover, this phone comes in handy with a playback time of up to 30 hours. The internal memory of the phone is 64MB, but it can support a 32 GB memory card. The phone has an alphanumeric keypad with a 4-way navigation key. One of the features that I love most about this phone is its battery life – a BL-5C (1020 mAh) battery with 20 days standby time. The phone also has personal management features such as notes, to-do list and reminders. One can also view emails and attach files whenever they want.
India is an emerging market and is predicted to be the 5th largest consumer market globally by 2030. Its area is about one-third of the U.S. and occupies the majority of the Indian subcontinent in Southern Asia. The country shares its borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and China. The population of India is 1.295 billion with an annual growth rate of 1.22% and a life exp…

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