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Process of Problem Solving

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Process of Problem Solving
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In almost every aspect of our life, we have encountered various problems. This aspect has been witnessed in workplaces, schools, and the social settings. Problems are depicted to be the center of what we always encounter or do in every. In as much as we may help in solving the problem, address an issue for either internal or external client, and discovering avenues to solve new emerging problems appropriately, we should acknowledge that the intensity, complexity, and difficulty of the problems that we always encounter vary (Boggs & Cook, 1992). To be your manager, one should conceptualize with avenues for solving issues in life. A confident problem solver will always result in success.
The ability to be confident emanates from having the in-depth knowledge about the approach that should be given to a specific problem. Without following comprehensively the prescribed ways and steps of solving the problem, one is likely to give a wrong approach to issues that eventually leads to poor performance especially as depicted in an educational system. The process of problem-solving entails an orderly follow-up of the steps to attain a solution that bears no harm or consequences after that.
Many a time, we have encountered difficulties in helping our children through their assignment or project task. Some parents may feel shy to engage in the child’s homework or assignment a factor t…

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