Process Essay

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Process Essay
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socialization paper

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Attitude is often defined as the cognitive evaluation of people, objects, ideas or events that in turn shape personal behavior. Attitudes are generally categorized into positive and negative. However, in a few instances, attitudes can be considered uncertain. The ABC model is used to describe attitude. It consists of Affect, Behavior, and Cognition. The effective component is described as the emotional reaction that one develops towards a concept called attitude object. This component of attitude is thought to stem from the emotional aspect. Such things as politics, sex, religion, etc. fall into this category. The behavioral component of attitude describes the...

Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS.

Legal Responsibilities in Fire and EMS Name Institution Legal Responsibilities of Emergency Services Organizations Emergency service organizations are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of emergencies such as fire outbreaks, floods, and urgent evacuations. In delivering their services, they ensure that they stick to the stipulated laws such as ensuring that buildings have safety and emergency measures. Due to lawsuits that can be filed against them due to negligence, legal challenges include taking necessary steps to avoid wrong choices such as not installing safety precautions to prevent unnecessary accidents, for instance (Taylor, 2011). While wrong decisions can...

What are the major challenges facing poverty reduction programmes? Which approaches and measures are likely to be the most effective for future programmes?

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Challenges facing poverty reduction programmes Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimates the poor people to be approximately 923 million. Poverty is a global problem that affects nations and their citizens in different ways. FAO Research has revealed that countries in Latin America, South Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa record the highest level of poverty. In such countries, the ultimate consequence of poverty is the lowest level of socio-economic development. The impact of poverty is attributed to increased levels of insecurity, crime, violence, political unrest, and low level of living standards. Poverty manifest itself in various forms but the general...

A Comparative Analysis of Slavery

A Comparative Analysis of Slavery Name: Institution: Date: Abstract Stanley Elkins' and James McPherson are Authors who have contributed to writing facts about slavery in the civil war era. In their books, Stanley Elkins' Slavery and James McPherson interpretation in Ordeal by Fire they have agreed that the real picture of the plight of slaves in Northern America was inhuman. However, they disagreed on many issues. Keywords: slavery and civil war A Comparative Analysis of Slavery The civil war of 1850 was recorded as the most momentous episode in America history. At that time, the co-existence of the United States as one nation was under threat. The war played a role in ensuring...

Discussing “La Marseillaise”

Name Instructor Subject Date La Marseillaise The French have an anthem that is unique and peculiar. Founded on history as most national anthems are, Claude Joseph wrote this particular one in 1792 when France was going to battle with Austria. The battle was against invasion and tyranny and the national song oozes with passion and love for France. Courage to fight for their “love” and keep her is what they source from it. Their motherland -France- is worth fighting to protect. As we explore its musical depth, we are ready to learn and see very many things that came from the origin of the anthem. Determining the genre is not an easy task. There has been a debate revolving around what genre...

Analysis of the Paradiso Canto 30 of the Dante’s “Divine Comedy”

Analysis of the Paradiso Canto 30 of the Dante’s “Divine Comedy” Before answering the questions posed in the assignment, we shall speak briefly about Dante’s novel to gain thorough knowledge of the subject, and provide it with some background necessary to unfold the novel, and answer our questions. The Divine Comedy Historical Context. The divine comedy marks the beginning of the Italian Renaissance literature. The book is the first important work written in Tuscan, a dialect that would eventually turn into the language of arts and literature in all Italy, and would serve to create the idea of an Italian nation in the 19th century. Dante's work is regarded as one of the most important...

Reading Response of two chapters in a book

Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission Reading Response of Two Chapters in a Book This paper examines the book entitled “American Foreign Policy since World War II” by John W. Spanier. To be precise, there is an exploration concerning the seventh and eighth chapters of the book. The seventh chapter, “The End of the Cold War”, discusses four significant topics on the same. Also, the eighth chapter, “Old Tensions in a New Order”, explores the expectations after the Cold War. The content of Chapter Seven is about the end of the cold war. It happened during President George Bush’s time in office. During this time, there was also the fall and demise of the...


Name Instructor Course Date Justice In a general sense, justice may be defined as fairness in the punishment of wrong deeds and in the protection of rights. It is the quality of righteousness, equitableness, and a good moral principle. Governments, institutions, individuals, international organizations, and individuals have a standard reference for what is considered just and unjust. These judgments are based on a formulated paradigm of political and moral values. Even though the frameworks of justice may differ across nations and cultures, they have continually maintained a common ground that allows every human being to accept the definitions of good and bad, right and wrong, just and...

United states

Name of Student Name of Supervisor English 101 Date United States of America INTRODUCTION United States of America has attained the status of a superpower, since the last century, and it has been the forerunner in the path of globalization, for education, business, politics, military warfare, to mention a few sectors. Its organization and progress from local to national to international and global levels have been tremendous. VALUES OF USA IN A BROAD SENSE Let us start with the metaphysical and philosophical values and foundations on which USA has been built up. They are individualism, liberty, equality and democracy. Individual merit and its application leading to achievements, have...